IB Program

SwissAllianceFX offers an excellent opportunity for those who are not ready to become a trader but wants to earn income from financial markets.

You can do it by PARTNERING with us!

SwissAllianceFX’s introducing broker program is a simple way to earn a steady revenue stream, without adding to your cost base.

As an Introducing Broker, you will be assigned an experienced IB manager to provide a personal service. As a member of our IB program, you can earn profit for each client sent to us. We provide you everything you need to start earning immediately.

If you want to become an Introducing Broker, you need to:

  • Complete the application.
  • Develop a collaboration program with our staff.
  • Insert the referral link.
  • Get your promo materials. 
  • Start earning money.

Now, each client who opens a trading account with SwissAllianceFX through your resource will be attached to you. And you will earn money based on our agreement.

Make money by becoming SwissAllianceFX partner!

To start the process or to schedule a phone meeting, please contact us by completing the contact us form below.

Affiliate Program

Access to SwissAllianceFX’s effective marketing tools through our easy to use affiliate software and earn more with a tailor-made plan and flexible commission structures – CPA, Revenues Share, or Hybrid deals.

SwissAllianceFX offers an outstanding CPA Affiliate Partnership program. As an affiliate partner, you’ll able to earn great commissions on referrals and receive exclusive access to our marketing platform, where you will find targeted marketing materials designed to boost your earning potential.

You will be able to see statistics, track your conversions, and manage the performance of your campaigns on advanced Affiliate software and website.

Our CPA partnership programs are available to individuals and business clients across the globe.